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Frequently Asked Questions

How many homes have you built?

Since 1998 Habitat for Humanity Northumberland has built over 45 homes in Northumberland County. We have covered the county with homes in Cobourg, Port Hope, Brighton, Colborne, Warkworth, and Alderville. We have plans to continue building across the county in the future.

How do you finance builds?

100% of all donations received by Habitat for Humanity Northumberland go directly into building homes.

We reduce the cost of building new homes by using modest designs, donated materials and services, volunteer labour, and minimal marketing expenses. We are grateful to our many volunteers, partners and sponsors, their contributions make our builds possible.

Because we hold the mortages for all of the homes we have built in the past, all of the partner family mortgage payments we receive are reinvested into building more homes in our community.  We call this the revolving fund. Each house we build allows us to build more homes in the future.

How do you fund administrative costs?

100% of the donations we receive go directly to building homes right here in Northumberland. We do not take administrative fees from ANY donations.

The ReStore funds our operating costs. The ReStore is Habitat for Humanity Northumberland's home improvement retail store. The ReStore sells new and gently used products at significantly reduced prices. All of the inventory sold in the ReStore is donated to us.

The ReStore relies on donations of materials, such as doors, paint, lumber, cabinets, kitchen and bath sinks and faucets, windows, appliances, and so much more! If you are renovating the ReStore will pick up your gently used donations. The ReStore offers charitable tax receipts when applicable.

The Cobourg ReStore is located at 764 Division Stree, Cobourg ON K9A 5V2. To find out more about the ReStore click here.

Do you give away homes?

No, we do NOT give away homes. Habitat for Humanity Northumberland homes are purchased with no downpayment, partner families pay an interest free mortgage and they must complete 500 hours of "Sweat Equity."

"Sweat equity" is Habitat's name for the labour homeowners put into building their homes, working in the ReStore, or doing various other tasks as assigned by the affiliate. Sweat equity hours can only be started once the family has been offered a partnership and must be completed before the family moves into their new home.

How do you select families?

Partner Families are selected by an independent committee and are choosen on the basis of:

1. Need

  • Does your current home fit your physical needs?
  • Is the wiring/plumbing/ventilation adequate?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Total family income must be classified by Canadian standards (as defined by the CRA) as low-income

2. Ability to Repay a Mortgage

  • Do you have a steady and reliable income?
  • Do you have a good work history?

3. Willingness to Partner with Habitat for Humanity

  • Would you like to improve your families current situation?
  • How will you contribute 'sweat equity'?
  • Is helping your community important to you?

Total family income (before deductions) must be below the poverty line.

To find out more about applying to become a partner family click HERE.

How can I get involved?

There are many different opportunities to become involved with Habitat for Humanity Northumberland.You can swing a hammer and build a home, volunteer in the ReStore, join a committee, sponsor a lunch for volunteers, or donate to help build a home. For more information on these and other opportunities click HERE. Or contact us at 289-252-0999.


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