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As an environmental organization serving Northumberland County residents, businesses, and industry, Go Green Together was excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity Northumberland on their first ever 'green build' project. Throughout the project, we were impressed with the diligence that Habitat for Humanity Northumberland exhibited in meeting high building standards with respect to energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction...Not only does the Habitat for Humanity program benefit local families, the construction program maintains extremely high standards of energy efficiency which minimizes the environmental impact of the build.

We look forward to working with Habitat for Humanity Northumberland in the future and helping them continue their 'green' building initiatives.


Judy Smith Torrie

Go Green Together


Youth building a shed on site, summer 2010






Students from LIUNA helped to install the footings on our Harcourt Street build, fall 2010


Our homes are constructed using Insulating Concrete Forms

which allow for significant energy saving in homes



This pilot project changed what was initially planned for a group of special kids desperately requiring credits and, even more importantly motivation to plug their way through a hot July in Summer School. Our very first in-school day began when the students began filtering in, clearly with no desire to be there, two hours late for class. Unaware of what they had in store for them they sat, argued and challenged the entire day of class. The only information that seemed to intrigue them was that part of the course was to 'build a house' for Habitat for Humanity. All it took was one hour on the site and we had a group of very different students. Giving the highest form of respect to all in authority on site, these boys worked harder than they have ever worked, didn't have any use for breaks or lunch and had only one question: "When do we come back?" These students have never been late for class or on site again. I have seen leadership and positive influence come from even the most resistant kids on the site.

This is a valid and very credible program offered by a wonderful, professional and quite adept organization that has the potential to change lives and futures.

Cheryl Greco

Head of Special Education

Dumbarton High School




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