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We are now ACCEPTING Expressions of Interest from families for the 2018 build season.


You may fill out  an Expression of Interest if you are interested in homeownership in Northumberland County, ON

To PRINT out a hard copy of the Expression of Interest, simply CLICK the link below.



Your completed form may be:

dropped off

Habitat for Humanity Northumberland
764 Division Street
Cobourg, ON K9A 5V2  OR

scanned and sent

homeownership@habitatnorthumberland.ca  OR


Habitat Northumberland ReNew It
764 Division Street
Cobourg ON K9A 5V2  OR



If you are encouraged to proceed, you will then attend a family information session to find out more information. The information session is approximately 1 hour long and will provide you with an overview of our Homeownership program, the application, and selection process. At the family information session you will receive a more in-depth application form.

Our staff is always available to assist you with your application form.

For more information please contact us by phone at
289-252-0999 x 27 OR

by email homeownership@habitatnorthumberland.ca.



Habitat for Humanity Northumberland Partner Families must wish to reside in Northumberland County, ON.  Partner Families are selected by an independent committee and are chosen on the basis of these criteria:

1. need

    Is your family income classified (by CRA standards) as below the poverty line?

    Does your current home fit your physical needs?

    Is the wiring/plumbing/ventilation adequate?

    Is it affordable?

2. ability to repay a mortgage

    Do you have a steady and reliable income? (ie.employment, pension, disability)    

3. willingness to partner with Habitat Northumberland

    Would you like to improve your family's current situation?

    Are you able to contribute 500 hours of 'sweat equity'?

    Is helping your community important to you?


YES, you will own your home.  All Habitat for Humanity Northumberland homes are purchased by partner families. The partner families' investment in the home is 500 hours of 'sweat equity' (volunteering either on the build site, in our ReStore or in a different capacity for our organziation). The mortgage for a Habitat home is interest free.

Your monthly mortgage payments will be set at no more than 25% of your monthly income. Every year, you will need to bring in your tax statements showing your income and we will reassess your payments accordingly.

Habitat for Humanity Northumberland will hold your mortgage. Habitat for Humanity Northumberland will use your mortgage payments to build more homes throughout the county.


We build simple, decent, affordable homes.

These are the main aspects of a Habitat for Humanity home:

  • Modest

  • Meets all building codes and requirements

  • Has a living room, kitchen and eating area

  • Is built to Energy Star Specifications

  • Has painted walls and ceilings

  • Has good quality doors and windows

  • Usually has exterior vinyl siding

  • Driveway

  • Two new basic appliances: refrigerator and stove.
    (A washer and dryer may be added at additional cost)


  • A garage
  • Air conditioning, dishwashers, fencing or bay windows
  • Upgrades to basic materials
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